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Culture Build

Culture Build is an internal-facing multi-lingual application used by the human resource departments of many large corporations and institutions across the globe.

This purpose of this app is to mold company culture through a specific methodology. This software runs in 32 countries and is available in over 26 languages. My role as a UI/UX designer was to create wireframes, prototypes, visual assets, style guides, redlines, CSS code snippets, and user interfaces with the goal of creating an engaging user experience. I collaborated frequently with the product manager, the lead architect, the project manager, and several developers.

Client privacy is important. Content, features and client names has been altered and/or excluded to protect confidentiality.

multiple brands

The greatest challenge for this project was to design for one platform that had many corporate clients.

The resulting employee-facing UI needed to work well with Culture Build's content and each client's individual style guide. The corporate clients didn't just want to use their own brands, they wanted their workers to feel the spirit of their unique company cultures. I sketched out ideas and drew low fidelity wireframes to share with the team. We iterated quickly through basic designs. Then, I collaborated with the lead architect on creating formulas that would accommodate dramatically different style guides.

Sketchy wireframes

Modular design served the individual needs of each corporate client, and the business goals of the product owner.

As Culture Build grew, my team and I introduced new features as modules. We would start with low fidelity quick sketches and move towards high fidelity comps. Clients loved the customization. We enjoyed the freedom to innovate without having to break the existing software apart.

multiple brands

Prototypes helped us test the design without writing a single lick of code.

The development team needed time to build the backend and do the heavy lifting of getting the app to function properly. Being a sprint ahead, the product manager, lead architect and I were able to cycle through designs at the same time. I created prototypes from the comps. The prototypes freed us from trying to imagine how the interactions would work so we could focus more closely on the user experience.

Culture Build Southwest Airlines prototype Culture Build Southwest Airlines prototype

Culture Build is an extremely flexible product that successfully gives corporations the power to mold their own cultures.

Leveraging the power of style guides and modules, my team and I were able to give Culture Build's clients customized experiences for their users, corporate employees. Collaboration was key to this achievement and I could not have asked for a better or more talented team.